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NEW GRANT PROGRAM €14,800 FROM DYPA (for ages 18-29 with emphasis on the digital economy)

From 13.02.2023, applications for the grant program for business initiatives of young freelancers aged 18-29 with a focus on the digital economy through DYPA (Public Employment Service, formerly OAED) will start.

The deadline for submission of proposals was set for 13 March 2023 at 15:00.


The objective of the 12-month action is to promote self-employment for 1,500 young unemployed people through the creation of sustainable businesses, with a focus on the digital economy.


Unemployed persons, registered in the register of the DYPA (formerly OAED) who, when applying for funding:

i. They are up to 29 years of age or have reached the age of 30

ii. Have agreed to an individual action plan

iii. Are Greek citizens or citizens of another EU country or expatriates who have the right to reside and work in our country or citizens of third countries who have a residence permit valid at least for the duration of the action

iv. Have fulfilled or been legally discharged from military service (male candidates)


The duration of the grant is 12 months and the amount of aid for new businesses is €14,800, payable in three installments as follows:

i. 1st installment of EUR 4,000, after the start of activity at the tax office

ii. 2nd installment of EUR 5,400, after the first six months of the start-up period

iii. A 3rd installment of EUR 5,400, after the end of the second half of the year following the start-up