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NEW PROGRAM FOR YOUNG FREELANCE PROFESSIONALS AGED 30-45 (with an emphasis on the digital economy)

Continuation of the announcements of new programs, this time with the program of Young Freelancers aged 30 to 45, with an emphasis on the digital economy.


The action concerns the strengthening of new businesses, with an emphasis on the digital economy, that have been created since 01/01/2022 by former unemployed people aged 30-45 (for 3,220 young freelancers), in the Less Developed Regions (LDRs) of the Greece (Central Macedonia – Eastern Macedonia & Thrace – Epirus – Thessaly – Western Greece) & in the Region of Western Macedonia.


From 31 October 2022 (13:00) to 02 December 2022 (15:00).

AMOUNT & RATE OF GRANT The flat-rate amount of support for new businesses / beneficiaries of the action amounts to €14,800 (100% grant).